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If you live in the Southern Nevada area then here is a form you may use to give us an idea of your interests, experience and body type. It also allows us to establish the type of portfolio you would be needing. Currently, we are looking for models to test ideas, films and update our portfolio on a TFP basis (Time for Prints). This is a value of up to $650.00!! 

All information remains confidential and is used simply for evaluation. Whenever possible please email  pictures of yourself.






  1. Select any of the following types of modeling you are interested in:

    B&W Artistic/Fine Art (Nude/Implied Nude)

  2. Choose one of the following options that describes your modeling experience:

  3. Please identify and describe yourself:

    First Name


    Last Name


    City,  State


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    Body Type
    Hair Color
    Eye Color

  4. Please provide the following contact information:                               

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      5. You may provide any additional information in the box below.  If possible please email a picture(s) of yourself to:   


                             Thank you for your interest, we will be contacting you soon.





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